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Re: fripp & eh16ddl (original) ?

Title: Re: fripp & eh16ddl (original) ?

Yes.  Robert Fripp used the EH 16 second DDL prominently on David Sylvian's "Gone to Earth" as textural loops.. They would leave it running while they took a dinner break and print the decrepid mess when they returned...!

ok-for some reason i was thinking of this from last week, when for a couple of hrs it seemed like i might be getting a reissue eh 16secDDL-but then it fell through...my question: did robert fripp ever play the original "EH 16 sec digital delay"? i know it was originally billed as a "fripp in a box", did he actually use one? i was just curious...i know little to nothing of fripps loop tool history (i just have 3 of his discs....)
damn all this talk of "dream pedals" & the random multi-effects options switch, now all
i think about is "dream pedals"
honestly-i'd just love a digital version of an actual tape loop option-something that would actually model what an analog tape loop could do. (i had such hope for that danelectro reel echo even @ 1.5 sec)....ok, i got to get off this dream pedal thing....darn you RICK for getting me on this....