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Re: Syncing Eigenharp Pico with Boss RC-50

@ Kayla...

I have been watching your YouTube videos for a while now, and the Pico has gone from a gimmick version of the Alpha (An instrument I have been lusting after since I first saw it but put out of mind due to the impossible price tag) to being a very interesting prospect for me.

I have one major gripe that I have to get over, and that is software. Maybe it matters less with the Pico than the 5000 pound Alpha, but having an instument that relys on its company continuing to support it for the rest of my life (A cello for example stays working after the company that made it goes bankrupt) If ONLY it had a midi socket, then all my fears would vanish.

But I have some questions regarding the Pico that maybe you can answer:

Firstly, I can see the playing technique and scale choosing is excellent, I love instruments where you can make no musical mistakes, especially when the scale can be quite weird. But... how close do you have to have the manual to hand for selecting all the other features, changing sound patches, and whatnot.. is it quick and easy? Or can I accidentally hit a key combo that stops the loop?

Your example where you looped voice on a RC 50? Is the loopers following the midi synch of the Pico or the other way round? I would LOVE it if you could play something on the Pico, loop it.. (on the looper) as an audio loop, and this looper was then sending synch back to the Pico so that IT then played in time.

Also, what of the looper capabilities of the Pico? Is possible to use without the click track? or drum loop? Do you HAVE to choose a "loop length" (one bar , two bars etc - as seen on a vid tut, but not completely sure if that was BEFORE the loop was made? Can you "multiply" over the original loop length, can you "insert" into, or on top of a loop, are you always "stacking" or can you "erase" holes into your previous performances? Can you "quantize" theses performances,  come on Kayla!!

Tell us about the in built looper???

I have to say that I'm not interested in the one man band variety of songster loopers, however the 5 seconds of "using the ribbon controllers to play like a cello" that I saw on one tut vid, made me go... now wait a minute!!!

I have SHITLOADS of other questions, but they are mostly about the Alpha (or more likely for me) the Tau. But I will hold off asking YOU these questions, at least until after the weekend, when I'm sure you will be the first owner of an Alpha on this list..

Good Luck Kayla!