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Re: Constant buzzing - can it be killed?!

I will check again. A dimmer switch was the offender when I was upstairs. This is what happens when you live in a house build in 1927.  Thanks. Kris
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I lived in a house once where a horrible buzz spontaneously took over my guitar amp, on and off, seemingly randomly for months and months. It was horrible. 

I finally noticed it happening a few times when house mates came home and immediately went downstairs and realized that the living room light was on a dimmer switch, the only one in the house. If the dimmer was not at full, the guitar amp was practically unusable for the loud buzz. 

So... check for evil dimmer switches anywhere on the line, especially if it is an older house. 

When I put a studio in my basement, I made sure the power to the audio outlets was wired independently. 

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