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Re: OT: Recommendations for Microphone and Archtop or Acoustic Guitar

Correction. The graphics for the Neuman was for the 83 Omni model, not 84. 
Thanks, Andy.


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> Document below updated with frequence response charts for each model.
> http://www.box.net/shared/do73fgijmx
> Take a look at how pristine the Neuman is in terms of response. I guess 
> you pay for what you get.
> The Sure SM81 is not bad either...not as flat as the Neuman, of course.
> I particularly don't like the spikes at 10K for some of the mics.  The 
> archop is already bright enough, and I'm already having to notch that 
> significantly.
> Kris
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>> Thank you all for the input.  As usual, it appears that everyone has 
>> their favorite mic that works for them, which makes it hard to make a 
>> decision. I am sure most of these mics, in the similar price range, are 
>> decent.
>> I created a table that has many of them, and their specs and prices 
>> compared.
>> http://www.box.net/shared/do73fgijmx
>> What I am trying to consider in this context is the jazz archtop 
>> It is quite a different animal than the acoustic guitar. For one, it 
>> projects at only about half of the volume of an acoustic, because of 
>> volume in the body, that it typically only has f-holes, and that it is 
>> often strung with flat wound strings. In that case, it tends to sound 
>> thinner than an acoustic when micing it, which is what you don't want 
>> a jazz guitar. So I really need a mic that can pick up the subltles of 
>> the guitar, but probably has a good proximity effect when it move the 
>> closer to the guitar.  Of course, I'll be blending the tone with the 
>> pickup through an amp.
>> What I find disturbing about a lot of the specs above is most don't 
>> mention a Frequency Response, but try to sneak in a Frequency Range 
>> disguised as a Frequency Reponse. I find this very misleading and 
>> dishonest. Any good engineer knows the difference between the two. You 
>> can have an excellent frequency range, but with a crappy response.  
>> means nothing if the mic can't consistently reproduce it.
>> The Josephson mic was recommended by a peer jazz guitarist, but 
>> I know nothing of the mics, except that it is made in the USA.
>> Any comments on the spec comparisons?
>> Kris