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Re: Have you thought of two LP2 MINI loopers? was: Re: Mixer selection - advice?

A great suggestion, but when will see the LP2? No word on the website
(and the wife is as excited as me, so pre-order is a reality!)...

Details, man, details!



On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 8:14 PM,  <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
> Hi Ryan, you wrote:,
> "With my way of doing things I narrowed it down to a looperlative,
> echoplex, repeater or software."
> Another thing you might consider is buying
> two of the upcoming Looperlative LP2 MINI loopers
> ($300 each)   as you would have
> syncable loops,   20 levels of undo
> feedback control (with an optional expression pedal)
> excellent fidelity (and better than the RC-50)
> storage and/or loading  of 8 loops on an SD card
> 1/2 speed
> 1/4 speed (artifacty as hell, but cool)
> reverse
> wonderful and musical slice/replace algorithms
> (in 1/8, 1/16, 1/12, 1/24, 1/7, 1/9, 1/10 and
> even 1/64 for glitching replaces
> retrigger (single sample)
> retrigger (continuous ----   starts the loop off at the downbeat with
> every retrigger)
> retrigger (random - an idea I came up with that allows one to retrigger 
> that each retrigger takes you to a random different place in the loop to
> start,  wonderful for creating very interesting rhythmic ostinatos which
> you can then resample with a second LP2
> small footprint (each one the size of the green Line 6 DL-4 an no extra
> bulky foot pedals)
> super quick set up and takes either Balanced - with XLR - Tip/Ring Sleeve
> Line plug
> optional adaptor or Instrument Line inputs so
> a Mixer is not necessary)
> and all of this with MIDI SYNC in/out
> it ends up being at the low end of the solutions you mentioned ($100 more
> than
> the RC-50 but with vastly more goodies included) and hundreds less than
> full on software solutions (if you consider laptop, midi pedals, breakout
> box and even freeware solutions
> or pricey and out of print EDPs or Repeaters - both of which I adore and
> own, btw)
> With two of them,  you also have back up if one of your systems should
> ever go down
> (not possible with single units).  Hopefully that would never happen but
> I've seen it a dozens of times in live looping gigs all over the world.
> yours,   Rick
>> Hello.. Thanks to everyone who previously offered advice on which looper
>> to pursue.
>  I think I will go with software while
>> saving up for the hardware.
>> Which brings me to my next question..
>> I'm considering getting a USB mixer as my front line of attack.
>> Has anyone had any expereience with a Yamaha MG166c-usb (or cx-usb)? I
>> think I like the idea of built in compression and built in sound card.
>> I have two concerns though
>> 1. I previously (when first getting into home studio stuff a while back)
>> used an external soundblaster audigy going into cubase vst (and later 
>> which gave me terrible lag (on