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RE: OT: Free Jazz/Avant-Garde Guitar/Bass/Drum Trios


You're getting buckets of suggestions that are not trios; I'll stick to 
the brief.

Bruce Eisenbeil has several trio recording with varying "other 
instruments". VERY out.
Rypdal of course, though whether he counts as avant-g any more is a 
Andreas Willers with Grid Mesh - great first CD, new one out soon
I find Ben Monder a hit-or-miss proposition but he may have something that 
Much of the work of Masayuki Takayanagi
Maybe some Ray Russell, another player whose work I find hit-or-miss, but 
his best is incredible. I have not heard all his music, there may be some 

Hal Dean

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Here's a few, quick-like:

- David Torn - Polytown (w/Terry Bozzio & Mick Karn, brilliant)
- Mary Halvorson - Dragon's Head (honestly haven't heard it yet, but she 
is fantastic, played with Braxton, etc)
- Nels Cline Trio - Sad, Chest, Silencer
- Nels Cline Singers - all three of their albums, the more recent being 
the most abstract
- Derek Bailey - Mirakle (w/Jamaaladeen Tacama & Calvin Weston - all 
improvised, fantastic stuff, my very favorite fully improvised gtr trio 
- Hilmar Jensen - Meg Nem Sa
- John Abercrombie - Gateway (essential)
- Ava Mendoza - not out yet, but soon she'll be recording her trio 
called Qwok (w/Weasel Walter & Devin Hoff)

Daryl Shawn

> I'm doing music research for a new project I'm putting together. I 
> need to construct an audio study of free jazz and/or avant-garde 
> guitar/bass/drum trios...the more obscure the better.
> This is what I have so far, not all of which is that far out, but it's 
> the best I can do.  Those with an * next to them are not really free 
> jazz or avant-garde, but a good representation of the instrumentation 
> in modern jazz.
> Bill Frisell - Live
> Joe Morris - Antennae and Symbolic Gesture
> John Abercrombie - In the Moment, November, and self titled (with Marc 
> Johnson and Peter Erskine)
> John Scofield - Out Like a Light *
> John Stowell -Somewhere *
> Lorne Lofskey - Self Titled *
> Mike Stern - Standards *
> Nels Cline Trio - Ground
> Pat Metheny - Trio Live *