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Re: OT - Rick's rhythm intensive

When you had a number on the screen saying 7 for example, was that one click every 7 shakes? Cos that not what I call a time signature really, its just a clikc every 7 shakes..
Mark, when you see 7, it means that I'm playing a pattern of 7 beats.
For a better understanding: the pattern in 7 can be write like this:
1    2    3   4    5    6    7          (beats)
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x       (shakes)
c            c                             (cliks)
the "groove" for me was the shakes... and (being pretty rudimentary rhythmically (fave drummer Mo Tuck))  my foot was still four on the floor, it was not pushed to to a new rhythm...
even with the 3 or 5 or 7 patterns ?
Maybe, you can't feel it because ther's no strong accent defining the patterns.
I like the sound of musical poly rhythms (5 note riffs against 6 note for ex) but this seems to be an (extremely clever and unbelievably skillful) exercise in juggling...
What I can say is that this "toy" has really improved my rhythm skill. 

 Thanks for watching !
- fabio