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Re: semi OT - Guitar Synths

Bill any idea as this sounds parallel to the issue on my 80's charvell
setup.  From gtm6 to 81z there is communication (built in single ch
sequencer on charvel) however from my hex pickup install on the strat
copy guitar which uses a single guitar cable and the conceept you
described, which sends analog and midi down same pipe I believe. Is
not working.  There is an onboard 2 way sw that channels either guitar
pickups or hex.  The guitar part works but switching to hex no hex.
Though over 20 yrs old now it worked in the last year.  I spray a fair
amt of contact cl on the pots anbd switches.  I know this is vague but
rekative to the thrd.  Thx bill. Jim

On 6/16/10, William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:
> Hi Ted, Get a can of De-oxit and spray the crap out of that 1/8 inch
> jack, oxidation will cause those issues ,  but even simpler just as
> Andy said, don't use that jack at all. Why? because the cheap preamp
> in those pickups actually thins out the sound and you will get a more
> robust sounding signal using a guitar cable. The Roland GK sends the
> guitar audio down one itsy bitsy  strand of that multi cable. I'm
> serious the sound difference is like night and day.
>   Bill

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