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Re: semi OT - Guitar Synths

yoy cn say that again! though the GR-33 tracks a bit better than the previous units it still glitches,is furstrating trying to play bss line and having those suckers!
Somehow i had the feeling that guitar synths were over with,since the coming out of the VG units and the line6 Variax concept,besides i havent come across many people doing interesting things with guitar synths
the last ones i saw were guess who? yes Fripp and Belew:-)

2010/6/14 William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com>
A friend of mine has the Sonuus G2M monophonic unit. According to him its not exactly plug in and play as it requires some dialing in of parameters and fine tuning of the response for whatever soft synth you wind up using. For me the fact that it's monophonic is a deal breaker, though at the price it would be cool for someone wanting to get in to sequence on a computer. I must say my Roland GR-30 is all but retired. I've taken the gk-2's off my guitars and I still have  a flamenco guitar equipped with an RMC pick-up which is the way to go for acoustic pitch to midi. I always had the fantasy of playing solo nylon string guitar with this lush string orchestra behind me, but I never took the obvious step and invested in a really good sound engine like a Kurzweil rack, today's equivalent being a mac pro running a really good orchestral suite. Someday perhaps I'll go that route. I'm still waiting for Roland to come out with a pro guitar sythn with a sound engine and sequence capability that rivals their best keyboards. In the latest Guitar Player magazine John Mclaughlin  makes a similar comment to that effect.  until then, The world of signal processing is infinite.