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Re: tragic news

Violet, and other friends:

I've been here ("here", because what Kim created truly is a place, a
community) since 1996.

I never met Kim face-to-face.  At the same time, Kim Flint was one of the
greatest teachers i've ever known.

I am so struck with grief at this time, i am not capable of thinking beyond

I've learned more in Kim's classroom called Loopers-Delight than in any
university classroom.  He made sure there was room for that.

He kicked my arse (gently) off-list a few times.  He expected people to 
responsibility for themselves, like any good teacher does.

The impact Kim Flint has had on my own life--let alone anyone else's--is
incalculable.  The indirect impact on those around me all the more.  The
world is genuinely a better place because Kim Flint was here.

Violet, i am so, so very sorry.


Peter Koniuto
Creative Recordist - Composer
Red Sun Soundroom
Niskayuna, NY

Music's Inside...
peter AT RedSunSoundroom.com