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RE: Kim

To my fellow loopers and Violet…


I’ve been away form the list for a week due to personal commitments.


I’m greatly saddened by this loss…and my heartfelt Zen prayers go out in every direction.


I must say, I am so happy to have discovered this community of people from around the globe. A big thanks to Kim for having the brilliance to start this thing we call Looper’s Delight. I look forward to the daily digests, the ideas, the sharing and wit that often happens here.


Even though I’ve only ever discussed things here and in the occasional private email or Facebook exchange, I feel that there is an amazing synergy amongst all of us; it would be an honor to dedicate the LD4CD to him, as well as carry on here and in our musical endeavours of looping.




Edward Yuhas

(Ed in NJ)