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Re: support donations (was Re: future of Looper's Delight (long)

Michael that's excellent thoughts re trying to attract Korg/Boss/Line6/EHX/others as underwriters.  I was thinking more benevolent but in the end getting that support would be a way.  Of course getting commercial backing might mean some tayloring to the supporter's whims so might be some trade-offs.


On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 2:09 PM, Michael Peters <mp@mpeters.de> wrote:
> So it is VERY important right now that if anyone wants to donate to help
pay cost of the server/hosting

one-time donations are necessary in the beginning but the site needs a
regular income.

Maybe more money could be earned by making the site attractive enough for
hardware manufacturers (Korg etc) to place more expensive advertisements -
by redesigning and relaunching the site to make it look like sites in 2010
do (I gather that is on the way already although it might take some time),
and maybe by using the site's information in a better way - e.g. content
like the "tools of the trade" page could be complemented by excerpts of
mailing list discussions about these tools (similar to the gear test pages
on Harmony Central). There is lots of valuable information hidden in the
mailing list archives that hasn't been tapped yet.

Also, I'm sure placing Google Analytics tags on each page (there aren't any
yet) could lead to more insight about what people actually look for, which
could lead to a better site structure.

But of course, all of this will take time and energy. We are all glad the
site will continue ... take your time Violet ...


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