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Re: Subject: Re: For Keith and Michael

I used to do that with sonar as well,but i must admit thats really cool in Mobius you can record your loops simultaneoulsy with the same SW you are looping with,and i think you have just about almost all fuctionalities of the EDP and LP1,and if you dont you can script them until you do!
I just moved to logic and it has a nice and simple looper built in with effects and amp sims ready to go as well, though i havent tried it yet.
The one thing i will miss is all my nice plugins, i somehow thought thart all my VSTs and .DLLs would work in mac but no such luck...

2010/7/16 William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com>
"great Bill!
is that cubase in action in the background?

 Thanks Louie, yes Cubase 5, I'm trying to film and record all my improvs when I can,  I'm of course getting cleaner tracks to cubase without the button pressing chatter, like you hear from the camera mics, trying to find a way to minimize that. I've thought about building clear plexiglass shrouds for my pedal boards to cut down on the crickets....... I wish there was some kind of rubber nipple thingy that one could place over switches to minimize the clicking noise.  Speaking of rubber nipple thingies,  yes per, the red lamp is for my "other"  video business....