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Re: which small multi-fx box?

Alesis Ineko if you can score one off Ebay or whatever.  LOTS of
options for ambience.


On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 7:48 PM, Scott Hansen <evanpeewee@gmail.com> wrote:
> q-
> i have a digitech rp150 ($100) that could probably be used for what you
> want, and it has 5 sec of delay. they now have the rp155 out that also 
> the 20 sec looper w/ it now, still $100 and they keep packing more stuff 
> it.
> i also have the zoom g2 ($100) i'm sure it could work too, although it
> doesn't have as many reverb options, but you can set up 3 individual 
> in it to get crazy stuff going...there's a new version of it out too, 
> remember the new name (g2nu? maybe?)
> digitech also used to make vocal effects pedal versions of their guitar
> effects, i'm sure they still do, just don't know much about them.
> there's also the lexicon mx200, i got mine 2 yrs ago for $100 used, also
> have lots of spacey options, although it's a 1 space rack unit, not as
> portable as a pedal.
> also just saw a thing about the boss ve-20 for vocal effects:
> good luck.
> s---
> www.myspace.com/scotthansen
> Looking for small, portable, inexpensive multi-fx box that would apply
> reverb, delay, etc to sustained voice to create  spacey or dreamy  drone
> sounds.  Perhaps something  a pair of Alesis nanoverbs in series.
> Any suggestions?
> -Qua

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