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RC-50 - Synching w. MIDI metronome

Hi all,

I'm *thiiiiiis* close to giving up on the RC-50 but figured I'd
solicit some more advice before I did.

After reading about the RC-50's trouble slaving to an external MIDI
clock, I decided to try it out as the master to a slave metronome
equipped with a MIDI in. This does work, but I can only get the
metronome to start when I start recording on the RC-50. What I need is
for the metronome to pick up on the constant clock info being sent by
the RC-50 and just play the click (synched up) all the time.

The metronome my drummer is using is some sort of discontinued Yamaha
model. I think the problem is that it needs to receive a "start"
command via MIDI before it does anything. Is there any sort of
metronome (or drum machine?) out there that just syncs up and starts
playing all the time without needing that "start" command?