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OT: FS: BBE Sonic Maximizer

I have one of these that I have not used for a long time now and need to free up some space in the studio.

$45 + shipping.  (Cosmetically, the unit looks almost brand new. Unit is hardwired for power and thankfully does not require a wall wart.)

For live and recording applications.  Apparently, they were originally designed for musicians on stage and in studios, but also work with home audio systems. 
I never used it with my home audio system.

(From a BBE site). "The 462 is perfect for semi-pro applications not requiring balanced jacks. With true dual-mono operation, the 462 is two independent SONIC MAXIMIZERô
signal processors in one chassis."

NOTE: IF INTERESTED, PLEASE REPLY OFF LIST.  There is really no reason for this to turn into some discussion thread about this item. TIA!

Rev. Fever
Portland, OR