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RE: question about send/return and looper connection

Thanks Sim Ė just to save me more trial/error as I havenít been using send/return much in the past. Which goes where in terms of the in/out of the looper and the send/return of the amp Ė and then the inst would go directly into the amp input? Excuse my lack of know how on this stuff.




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short answer: yes

it'll only take you 5 mins to give it a go (assuming you have the cables)

the send/return loop comes after the preamp/effects and before the poweramp


On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 12:50 AM, Mike Kilburn <mkilburn@eastlink.ca> wrote:

Hello all;


I have a fender cyber twin which has build in amp modeling and effects patches. What Iím wondering is this. Can I run my looper with the send/return on the amp in order to incorporate the various switchable settings in the same way one would have your guitar multi-effects unit set up pre-looper. Hope this is clear in what Iím trying to do. If I can lay down a clean rhythm guitar progression into the looper and then on the second pass, use the cyber twinsís other effects to record subsequent layers/parts in the tune.