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Re: Intsant Song Mastering

I’m curious about the clause in their Terms of Service:
Intellectual Property
All materials (including the organization and presentation of such material) on this Web site (the “Materials”) are the property of Instant Song Mastering and its licensors and may be protected by intellectual property laws including laws relating to copyrights, trade-marks, trade-names, internet domain names, and other similar rights.
Unless you have entered into a separate agreement with Instant Song Mastering, such as a Royalty Free License Agreement, any other use of these Materials without Instant Song Mastering's written permission is prohibited.
The Materials may only be used and copied for your own, non-commercial, personal or educational purposes, provided that the Materials are not modified and that copyright and other intellectual property notices are not deleted. You may not create derivative works from or otherwise exploit the Materials in any way.
</free use quote>
From: Jeff Duke
Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2010 5:12 PM
Subject: Re: OT:Intsant Song Mastering
Yes Andre, please report back on your findings!


On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 12:08 PM, Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 5:09 PM, "André Donawa" <andre@andredonawa.com> wrote:
> This looks really interesting.
> Going to try it later today.
> http://www.instantsongmastering.com/

Looking forward to hear about your findings! Do you think this service
is an automatic server side process? I guess it has to be, for cost
efficiency. Knowing how delicate the audio mastering process is, I'm
wondering if this service offers a number of "mastering templates" to
chose from? That could work fine if your mix is good. But if your mix
is less good, can the online service offer you information on what
frequency bands that cause problems for mastering? I mean, so you can
go re-do the mix and come back with a better mix to master.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com internet music hub