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Re: OT: pedalboards


I don't think there's reall;y any decision to make on the PS for a pedalboard. Except for those pedals that you MUST use a seperate PS, like the EHX English Muffin which uses an AC output, a single PS is the only way to go unless you have just a few pedals. I have a GigRig PS which is just amazing,, especially the 5 watt output capacity. I'm getting a Rocktron Patchmate to do my switching, & for now I'm using a shelf from a plastic DIY shelf from Home Depot because it's very light, inexpensive & I can put pedals on both sides of the board. I put pedals that I don't have to adjust on the bottom of the shelf along with the PS. This also helps keep patch cables short & out of the way, since I can put 2 pedals that are always connected together on either side of the shelf. Also, once the whole thing is finhished, I'll get some bulk cable & make the cables to length for the patches & of course, to & from the Patchmate.

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I'm attempting to organize the mess and knot of wires & cables at my feet.

If anybody has any experiences they'd like to share, it'd be appreciated.  Especially looking for people's opinion on powered boards vs. non-powered w/separate power units.

I'm looking for something to hold 4-8 pedals with enough space and juice for two Line 6 modelling pedals.  Reading and seeing varying reports on the milliamps issues of two Line 6 modellers on deck.

The early leader is the SKB Stagefive it has a lid and easily portable.


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