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Re: rather very OT: Patton

I had to google it, but Elvin's on MD's "Blue Moods" and "Sketches of Spain".
One of the percussionists in my silent film soundtrack group has recorded with bassist Trevor Dunn, so I have a (tenuous) Zorn/Patton connection, too!

Enemies are good for self-definition. Werner Herzog

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Oh, of course! Bitches Brew, w/Holland.

What did Miles record with Elvin?

Daryl Shawn

> I can shorten that who-recorded-with-who chain by one step:  Miles
> Davis -> Dave Holland or Elvin Jones -> Bill Frisell -> Mike Patton ->
> Dave Lombardo -> Slayer
> ted.
> Enemies are good for self-definition. Werner Herzog
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>     The most direct Patton connection to looping would be his one or
>     two recordings with Naked City, which of course featured loopy
>     Bill Frisell.
>     (This connection is responsible, too, for a bit of fun of the
>     seven degrees of Kevin Bacon variety. One can connect Slayer to
>     Miles Davis in six steps; Miles recorded with Bill Evans, who
>     recorded with Paul Motian, who recorded with Frisell, who recorded
>     with Patton, who recorded with Dave Lombardo, who recorded w/Slayer).