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Re: LD - Digest - help! Nettiquette for everyone

david kirkdorffer wrote:
>   Does anyone know if the LD Digests are working correctly?  It's as if
>   the formatting is all lost.

That happens when people send HTML mails to the list.
...and worse than that, anyone who replies to an HTML
mail compounds the problem in all innocence.
(the mail you sent is itself HTML)

Email was designed to be text based only, so when
Microsoft (I think it was) introduced HTML mails
it was problematic for any mailing list with a digest

The only workaround for you is to make a folder in your 
email client, and a filter that sends LD mails into it.
..and then leave the digest and sign up to the regular list.
Having done that though, your experience will actually be better,
and when you reply to mails the correct threading is preserved,
which is good for everybody.

Well, the other answer is that all list members
could find
in their address books, open up the 'Properties'
for it.
...and select would like to receive messages as "Plain Text".
...and then they hope it actually works.

Unfortunately, whether a post is sent as HTML is usually
automated, so even with the best intentions it's hard not
to mess up the digest. 

I've unscrambled the post from Per you just re-sent (with an HTML editor)
and forwarded it to you.