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(OT) Yamaha Pro Mix 01: How to interface?

As part of another deal, I just ended up with a dirt cheap 1995 Yamaha 
Pro Mix 01 16 track digital mixer in very good shape.

Any ideas on how to interface? - if it makes financial sense at all..
Please note that this is for my home non-pro project studio ;)

Briefly on interfacing specs:
Analog inputs, analog outputs, S/PDIF out (no wordclock)

Having S/PDIF outs of course means I can hook it up to a DAW for 
transferring the stereo mix-down directly digital.
However, having only analog inputs means I'll need some 16-channel DA 
A search reveals an older Creamware A16 could be an affordable option.

I did a more detailed post about this over at:

van Sinn