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Re: RE: The EDP and the Looperlative and me

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Gareth Whittock wrote:
> This looks like a strat vs sg debate to me  - it's what we call horses 
> for courses over here. Choose your weapon gentlemen and PLAY!
I beg to differ, with respect, Gareth.

I truly don't care what looper Mark uses.

It's NOT a competition or a debate.
It's trying to be accurate in writing about a powerful instrument.

Looperlative doesn't have the public profile that Gibson had with the 
EDP originally (though
Gibson horribly let the EDP down imho)  so when people research it on 
the web, they
come upon discussions like the one that Mark initiated.

I disagreed with his conclusions, so I have only been trying to set the
record straight about what the LP-1 can do.......

.......not trying to diss the EDP or win some competition.

Come on,  I've hosted hundreds of loopers from all over the world and I, 
of all people,
truly believe that Music is the most important thing.............not 
your equipment.

The public at large is never going to judge someone's musical output by
whether they use software/hardware,  strat/sg (lol, why doesn't 
Danelectro make the
cut in that classis debate), edp, looperlative, roland, digitech, 
boomerang, etc., etc.

rick walker