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Re: (re)-discovering your gear that sits on your board (boss slicer)

Title: Re: (re)-discovering your gear that sits on your board (boss slicer)
On 1/2/11 6:36 AM, "Scott Hansen" <evanpeewee@gmail.com> wrote:

i know i've heard Rick W. sing the praises of this thing, and how he said he uses the randomness of it, and i just discovered it after a yr. kind of funny.

Yep, like the DD-20, this one is a sleeper.  There are some very cool things that you can get it to do, with a little advanced thought.  

Also, it responds really well to MIDI Clock.  I’ll occasionally have my LP-1 send clock (calculated from the first loop) then have the Slicer sync to it so I can record subsequent parts in synchronization with each other.  Although the Slicer’s internal clock is pretty rock solid too, so that works pretty well if I just want to “wing it”.

And of course there’s the “null plug“ trick that you mentioned, which is how I believe Rick is getting a lot of the random effects.

As I’ve said before, I’d swear there’s one (and only one) “random genius” that Roland/Boss has roaming their R&D.  They only give him about a day with any particular product before they whisk him over to the next project.  If this one guy ever spins off into his own company, I’m gonna buy stock in it.