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Re: The EDP and the Looperlative and me

Hey Andy if you upgrade do you lose your current programming? Lack of 
backup (maybe there is backup now?) is my only real downer on the Lp1 ;(

Andy Owens
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So the typing might not be my best!

On Jan 2, 2011, at 9:51 AM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:

> Rick Walker wrote:
>> I also wanted to add that another fascinating thing that the 
>Looperlative does which is unique in the hardware world is the fact that 
>you can connect to the Internet through an Ethernet port connecting a
>> computer to the LP-1 to upgrade the instruments software.
>> The LP-1  navigates to the latest software revision out,  downloads it 
>and installs it
>> within 30 seconds.
> that's a totally brilliant feature, but be aware
> that while you get the *latest* version by doing that
> you don't currently get the latest *stable* version.
> I strongly advise against it, for now anyway.
> The LP1 also can connect to your computer (easiest through a router,
> but not essential) and allow you to install any available
> firmware version.
> Current consensus is that 1.34c is the most stable,
> with 1.37 being good for most users.
>> If there is a strong consensus amongst users for either a new piece of 
>software or a revision
>> or fix of older software problems,  then Bob Amstadt (or Andy Butler) 
>can work on it.
>> Software revisions are free.
> Outed! ;-)
> right now Bob's looking at a major revision which will fix the recent 
>problems with stability associated with the
> latest versions of the firmware.
> That may take a while, but will be worth the wait.
> Until then, any additions/fixes are 'pending'.
> andy butler