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Re: DD-20 (Re: (re)-discovering your gear that sits on your board (boss slicer)

On Jan 2, 2011, at 11:48 AM, Mark Hamburg wrote:

> For someone who is as hands on with their equipment as you are Rick, it 
>seems like a pair of DD-20's plus the SL-20 could make for a rather 
>interesting way of building and manipulating textures. But I haven't used 
>either pedal, so I can't speak from experience. I've certainly been 
>tempted to try this but I would probably want to convince myself that I 
>could do enough just using my feet. And at that point, I probably would 
>be better off using one of my exiting loop boxes and possibly an SL-20 
>since I could get MIDI sync going that way.

That said, for an a loop + effects box the Line6 M13 or M9 is also pretty 
attractive though the loop itself is mono.

So, one question would be: How cool is the SL-20? (And a related question 
might be: How does it compare to the Adrenalinn?)


P.S. I too think Roland often does some amazing stuff that then seems to 
just miss the mark in some way.

An example from several years back: The SP-808 and HPD-15 share similar 
effects. (Presumably there's a library of effects algorithms floating 
around at Roland.) Like the SP-808, the HPD-15 also has three knobs and a 
D-Beam controller. But can you do realtime effects manipulations with the 
HPD-15 the way you can with the SP-808? No. Grrr. Realtime effects 
manipulation plus a good live MIDI looper in place of the somewhat lame 
sequence recorder would have made the Handsonic a pretty cool instrument.

I swear off Roland equipment periodically and then find myself getting 
sucked back in.