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Re: Re: Simeon's CopyPan script for Mobius (Re: a fun little mobiusscript and a question)

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Rainer Straschill wrote:
> +1 on the Presonus Firebox - I had been using that myself a lot for my 
> live setup (actually Rick, all the time we spent together in a live 
> context - your festival 2006 and the various occasions 2008) I was 
> using this thing, and although it's not by any means one of those 
> audiophile or feature-ladden beasts, it would be my recommendation for 
> a reliable budget audio interface - still use it for feeding the 
> MoinSound Studio Sessions into the stream... 
Thanks Rainer and Luis for the recommendation.   I've finally got 
completely fed up
with my own M-Audio Firewire 410 ........(anyone wanna buy a cheap one? 
<mirthless chuckle>
and need to invest in something new.

Also, and I can't reveal details yet, but we are working on some very 
cool new functionality for the
LP-1 along the lines of manipulating the loops in different kinds of 
rhythmic ways.

We've actually been working on this for a bit of time (and before this 
current thread about
Mobius scripting fun) but it all will dovetail beautifully with what's 
being created there.

And yes, it really was the EDP that took the concept of a live looping 
box and made it
into an instrument.     I think great kudos need to go out to Matthias 
Grob,  all the people who
worked so hard on the software for that ground breaking instrument and, 
Andre LaFosse, who really got in and innovated some very cool ways of 
using that software.
Claude Voit was also doing very cool,  looper as instrument work back in 
the day.

I have to say, that I just love this community, for not only it's 
wonderful non-competitive and
communal spirit but also for it's constant desire to innovate.

I really feel like we are all part of something really tangible!