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Re: Re: should musicians have a second job?

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, tEd  kiLLiAn wrote:
> When we get to where we're going as a civilization, will we know how 
> to simply be? If we have so completely set our highest personal and 
> creative goals to be iconoclasts, rebels, individuals, mavericks, 
> self-defined, self-actualized and self-created whatevers - constantly 
> pushing against all known boundaries and any sense of norm or tabu - 
> what will happen when we come to a time that is entirely without them? 
> Will that be heaven? Or will that be hell? Of what use will be 
> concepts like, empathy, kindness, human warmth, or decency in such a 
> world? Indeed, what will be especially human about it at all, except 
> probably the advanced technolgy? 
My own take is that a sense of constant yearning.............a desire to 
be continually creative..............these are the
things that make us human.       Human beings also constantly aspire to 
and when they get there, they realize that that's where they are and 
then they start aspiring to
something else.     I think this is what is beautiful about human 
beings.   We are always a
'work in progress'  and really,  a final goal is illusory.**It's just 
me, but I just don't believe
in the notion of heaven or hell.   Absolutes and absolute states are 
illusory.   The notion
that they exist is comforting to human beings but only for a little 
while:  then we aspire again.   And so it goes.
*rick walker*