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Re: NAMM News: iZotope Stutter Edit - anyone seen this?

Aggh!! Dont mention the teaspoon on this list. I have an Ebay search going on this.. dont want competition...


2011/1/20 Dustbunnies <mech@m3ch.net>
On 1/20/11 5:23 AM, "Michał Wiernowolski" <mihalw@gmail.com> wrote:
> Anything like that _but_ in a standalone hardware (stompbox) ?

Closest thing in a stompbox, I think, is The Squarewave Parade's Teaspoon.


Also, the Teaspoon CAS ( http://www.thesquarewaveparade.com/teaspoonCAS.html
) and Teaspoon Slight (
http://www.thesquarewaveparade.com/teaspoonSLIGHT.html ).

It's not nearly as full-featured as Izotope/BT's software, but it will let
you do some nice stuttery mangling of the input audio.

Getting this sort of functionality in hardware is one reason why I was
originally interested in the Line 6 Developer Kit -- which allows you to
custom develop stompbox modules.  Was planning on trying to put together
something like this.  Unfortunately, never heard anything else about that
product after its initial announcement.  Mebbe I should really look at that
again... Hrmmm.


mark francombe
twitter @markfrancombe