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Re: OT: a power question

Or, other recommendations for wireless headset mics also accepted...!

On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 4:10 PM, Tom Swirly <tom@swirly.com> wrote:
Now that I have you on the line :-D I have a question that, while OT, might be useful for other loopers, too, if OT.

I'm travelling from 120V to 220V.  Most of the units I'm bringing take both voltages - but I'm contemplating a wireless mic and none of the units I'm interested in seem to be dual voltage... and unfortunately you can't order the 220V supply in the US, nor seemingly in Australia.

There are two questions.  

First, my last try with transformers and music was a complete failure due to hum... but that was decades ago, is this still the case?

Second, both wireless units I'm looking at are actually DC powered with what looks like a typical AC/DC adaptor.  My other units that have comparable such adaptors are all 110/220V in practice! 

What are the chances that the adaptor will actually work on 220V if I tried it?  I don't mind the chance of blowing the adaptor out, but I really don't want to blow the unit itself out!

Here's a spec sheet of the specific unit I'm thinking of, for both people who've read this far, :-D it's the Shure ULX-S system.


Thanks in advance!


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http://radio.swirly.com - art music radio 24/7 366/1000