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Re: Singing and Looping was OT: Double Bass Looping of Led Zeppelin

Rick Walker schrieb:
> I've even bought a Behringer Feedback Eliminator so that I can process 
> my voice through multiple
> distortion/fuzz pedals and constrain the feedback that always occurs 
> when you do this live.
> I haven't really worked it out yet, but that's one of the projects 
> I've wanted to have time to
In addition to being a feedback eliminator, these things (at least those 
Behringer feedback things I know) can also work as parametric EQs - 
which gives you (dependant on the exact model) 12 to 24 stereo 
parametric EQs with a bandwidth down to 1/60 of an octave. And you can 
control them via MIDI.

So, in combination with e.g. a computer or a hardware sequencer (to 
control the thing via MIDI), you got yourself a really powerful filter 

(This has actually been on the list of things to do with my Behringer 
UltraCurve, which also offers this functionality, but which I had gotten 
and used for live sound applications exclusively and now somewhat retired).


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