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Re: inexpensive synth

Not inexpensive, but have you guys looked at the new Nord 3, the nord with piano and organ, I always wanted, but no synth, but now the three has a simplified version of the nord synth in it too. 

Just wondering what those synth geniuses here think about that, to have all in one would be nice. 

Andy o

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I am american and french too; how's that for confusion. Get something old and juicy!


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> We're not all Americans here!

Wait.  You mean there's something other than Americans???  /me whistles in disbelief...

[But seriously]  This synth looks pretty cool.  It reminds me of the interface on the AN1x and of course the Evolver and AdrenaLinns that I use.  It's an inexpensive way to access a lot of parameters quickly.  And with the computer-based patch editing, the Venom reminds me a bit of the Nord Modular.  Sounds like it's tailor made for an iPad app...  LOL