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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V11 #175

   Todd said:
Hey Bill
For me the tactile feedback of a switch was replaced by the visual feedback of the led lighting up momentarily as well as a four character display changing to show what I just pressed. (REC, MULT, MUTE, FADE, etc.)

 Zoe said:
That implies that you're looking at it though.  I've yet to nail it without staring at my feet the whole time. With the 1010 I could rest my foot on it and just peek every now and then. 

I said:
Todd  there you go, you read my mind about the way to create a work around,  but Zoe I can totally understand your issue as well, and with that in mind as much as i think its the best midi controller available,  stay away from the Gordius. It is so responsive that you can, with a really light touch,  trigger it silently.  Though in the passion of the music making moment  that is virtually impossible to do.  But when I switched form the FCB1010 to the Gordius it was like moving from a station wagon to a sports car. It took a while to get used to but now the other style feels sluggish, but no way can you rest your foot lightly on the Gordius switches without engaging the command.