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Re: Total Improv

Rick Walker wrote:

> Since the year 2000,  every live looping show that I've done has been 
> pure improv.

hi Rick,
obviously it's somewhat debatable as to what constitutes 100% improv,
so I wouldn't want to contradict that statement.
(or even what constitutes improv)

However, from my perspective I'd say that I'd seen you
re-create what is essentially the same 'piece' at more than
one show.
It could be as simple as using the same instrument with the
same loop techniques, but I got the impression there was
a bit more to it than that. 
I seem to be classed as a "song based looper" but I often
do a very similar thing, the basic starting sound is known,
and usually what's going to come later in terms of structuring
the loops, but beyond that I often don't have a set of themes
to play.

I think it's important to make a distinction here, partly
because I suspect that the use of looping techniques as
a composition technique is what brings something new
to our music. 

andy butler