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Mobius Alternatives

Hey All, so I've been playing around some with Mobius and think it
seems like an very good program but also find the interface a bit hard
to work with in some respects. I was wondering what, if any, other
programs are out there that essentially do what mobius does in terms
of live looping but that might have a little les steep of a learning
curve or an interface thats a bit more user friendly. However, if
Mobius is the best program out there I'd gladly learn all of its
features so I don't to settle for something less powerful, I guess its
a matter of know whats out there. Thanks again to everyone for your
help, I've been experimenting with some different looping techniques
and planning my setup, still aquiring a lot of the pieces to make it
all work but this is something i've been interested in for some time
and actuallly applying this method is really re-invigorating my
interest in playing and performing so its a lot of fun.
Best Regards,

John Singletary