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Re: midi looping, synths, and kaossilators

OK I wasnt letting on that I HAD infact checked the manual.. my questions were quite specific actually, cos they related to things I didnt quite GET in the manual...

I will expand, But Im feeling like we have no Kaocilator PRO (the pro is important) users here.

Fabio_ wrote:
Can I play it, and get what I imagine.. or is it basicaly random (within a key and scale)???

Here I KNOW that it does "quantise" to a scale and key.... so the question was rather... is it just a theremin, or can you play a melody

Fab said..
but the fact is that IT is like playing a theremin. And it is good in that department, if you are looking to that kind of sounds, but have to say that it's not allow you to really play melodies...
So it's not a "proper instrument", IMO, neither really "random".

But thats the KP, not the Kaoscillator... so stilll need an answer here...

How is it at following midi clock?
Better checking the manual here and see what it really allow to do.

It SAYS it does... but.. how well? was the question...
When used as a controller for another synth, is all information sent on 2 axis?
Can I map X to pitch on an external synth (Im thinking my Korg) and the Y to filter cutoff on the external synth? (If my external synth allows this.. which I dont know.. have to find the manual.)
Again: better checking the manual(s) !

It seems to send CCs or whatever you want from the X and Y and Any of the knobs can also be mapped...

But what I cant find out, is...(Warning caps alert) IS THE LOOPER JUST AUDIO GRABBING THE SYNTH OUTPUT.. or is it some kind of midi looper, and if so DOES THAT MIDI INFO.. (the sequence you generate) GO OUT THE MIDI OUT SOCKET, so you can control another synth... not a deal-breaker for me, but... as the internal sounds dont seem that tweakable (maybe not at all) it might be a bonus to drive another synth from the sequencer...
KP sends information on Y and X axis, but do you need to address those info trough different midi channels or the same ?
Do you want to get control over different machines ?

Yes.. oh yes...

Just a question: why the Kaossilator and not the last Kaoss Pad version (4, maybe) which seems to me a more "complete" tool ? I think it can work like a synth too.

Nope I dont think so... I thing the KP4 is another synchable effect... I have enough of them already, in fact my Red Sound Federation is on EBay RIGHT NOW

Heres the listing 260744777822


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe