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Re: Electro Harmonix Freeze - Sound Retainer

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, mark francombe wrote:
> Im interested in knowing how it achieves such a short loop without the 
> associated buzz, because on the demos Ive seen I cant hear the 
> badabadabada of a loop at all, so it must just be a tiny blip, but 
> then one tends to get that electronic ringing.... (which is obviously 
> cool) but what does this do to avoid that?
Not sure how it works, but it's really amazing.
Chris was able to bring one out for me to try out this past week so I 
had a couple of hours with it.

it has three modes

short, long and latch

in short and long,  the button is a momentary switch and will only hold 
a note as long as you hold
the button down.

short makes the 'droned' note come on very quickly and go away 
instantaneously when you let off

long let's the 'droned' note have a slightly slower Attack and then you 
can set a nicely musical
release when you let off..........this release continues even when you 
are starting to 'drone' another
part of whatever you are playing.

You can preset short and long mode attack and release rates when the 
pedal is powered down but not
during the middle of a performance.

the latch mode is very hip.........everytime you hit a note it drones 
the note so you never
hit the switch and then have to hit it again to make it stop in order to 
continue on with your
droning fun.

I was able to do very hip solos, freezing notes again.

If you suddenly stop playing and hit the button again,  it actually 
loops the 'silence' and if you listen
carefully, the unit is making a loop of the noise.

I'm with Matt though,   as soon as I can afford one,  I'm going to be 
using it with all kinds of
noise sources and probably not so much guitar.

I was able to make some very hip 'drones' by using a Floyd Rose tremelo 
on my
fretless Strat go all the way down to complete d-tune..........very hip 
noise drone from
that technique.

This is a very cool and musical tool,  imho.   I'm trying to sell some 
gear to
buy one as we speak.

Anyone want to buy a Gibson EDP fully tricked out with a footpedal?
A vintage (and expensive first generation Red Whammy pedal)?
A vintage and expensive  Roland TR808?
A vintage first ever Roland Guitar Synth (minus the proprietary cable 
and the synth)
     quite hip because it has an octaphonic pickup on it that could be 
for some cool stuff.   I'll let this one go pretty cheap (with the cable 
it'd be a grand)

lol........they are for sale, theyr'e just pricey.