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RE: OMG OT: Harmonic Capo

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Andy Owens wrote:
> That is funny, I can tell Rick is excited by the f word, he hardly uses
> it otherwise, lol.
Oh gosh <blush>  am I that bad?
> That, is a cool thing, just ordered two, and the CDs. I bet that guy is
> gonna freak out by the little spike in sales he gets from Rick, he will
> owe you one!!

Hey,  please tell the guy if you order them that I sent you:   maybe 
he'll give me an endorsement deal:
wait, a second,  I already bought one (or my wife did),  there's nothing 
he can give me for endorsing his product
other than a second Lamborghini (and who wants one of those, with the 
exception of selling it and using the
cash to buy Harmonic Capos for the entire population of very small third 
world countries?).
> Rick, have you tried to use it also to hold down the string on the fret
> to make weird tunings, you could use two or three and get it the typical
> LD goal of complete almost unusability weirdality by having about four
> of them clamped all other the geetar!!! Like for a drop D tuning capoed
> to A, would it hold the strings down enough like a regular capo and
> leave the low E to be a drop "D" (actually E of course)?
Actually, unlike the third hand Capo (which does fret individual 
strings)  this device doesn't
change the tuning of one's guitar (I tried already)........it just 
allows one to play barre harmonics
without using one's fretting hand at all, so I'm fairly certain that it 
wouldn't be efficacious to use
two of them at once.

I can't remember if I posted this earlier, but you can play 5th, 7th and 
9th fret harmonics that will
sound even though the 12th fret is always 'played'............the 9th 
fret harmonics are not as loud
as is typical with finger barre harmonics, however, but the 5th and 7th 
ring out rather loudly.

Gareth Whittock wrote:
"Sounds very cool rick - make some recordings man!"

And as far as recording things go, for some inexplicable reason,  I have 
never reinstalled my computer based
home recording studio after my horrible multiple C-drive failures at the 
time of the Looping Festival, so I don't have anything
to record on.   It's my own fault:   I just haven't taken the 
time.......and I've also been really into
playing four string acoustic instruments and been happy just being in 
the middle of a huge learning
curve.     I told my wife the other night,  'for the first time in my 
life,  I feel like I am actually a guitarist'
as opposed to having always played guitar as a sort of found sound 
instrumentalist and looper.
That's a nice feeling.   I've always been intimidated by the 
guitar.......it's nice to begin learning more in earnest
at the age of 57.

It's been a wonderful time but also a strange and difficult year since 
the Looping Festival ended............I've never been so burnt out
as after this last one........it was so beautiful, but the most 
stressful one of all of them
times two and it took me to Christmas to overcome it.    On New Years 
day, I then promptly got sick for the first
6 weeks of the new year and then hit a horrible lull in my income 
coupled with really bizarre
weather (last week, we had the heaviest rains I've ever experienced and 
flooding and yesterday
it was 86 degrees in Santa Cruz in a bizarre heat wave.   All through 
it,  I managed to play
tenor guitar, tenor banjo, baritone ukulele, mandolin, mountain 
dulcimer, strumstick and fretless
electric guitar and bass every day.    I also, paranthetically,  made 
really major strides in my pool game
and came in second last week in the first pro pool tournament I've ever 

So it's been the best of times and it's been the worst of times as 
Charles Dickens has said.

I'll get around to putting my studio back together again......honest, I