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loopers from hell!

Title: Rick Stationary 1 Stationery
Subject: loopers from hell!

Hi Kim,
My name's Rick Azim. I live in Seattle. I have a long standing 2 nighter solo gig and need the best looper I can find.  I've been trying to dance between a Boss RC20 and a Line6 DL4, but I can't get what I need due to their respective limitations and quirks. 
Here's a list of what I need:
 1. stop record/stop track (RC20-rt pedal; but not DL4--very poor)
 2. stop record/go right to playback (RC20-left pedal & DL4 do this)
 3. stop record/go right to overdub (DL4; but not RC20)
 4. erase overdub/keep basic track (RC20; but not DL4)
 5. go to top (DL4 in Play Once mode only; RC20 will do it in Play once",  but have to go to the floor to switch it during song-IMPOSSIBLE!
 6. play once (DL4; but not RC20)--can't get into "Play once" mode from unsaved track in RC20--very poor)
 7. separate tracks to lay in a bridge or ending -- switchable in or out, with overdub capability.
 8. savable, switchable tracks--up or down  ( RC20 has only 11--  I need room for 40 or so)
 9. SD card slot for saving tracks --4Gb would be nice
10. downloadable/uploadable digitally
11. Tap/guide COMPLETE MUTE--not just a knob that can accidentally get nudged up, to wake up the audience with an obnoxious bass drum beat--INFURIATING & EMBARRASSING! Thank you very much, Boss!
I'm sure other things will come to mind later. Is there anything like this out there?
Thanks, Rick