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my new love: PIGTRONIX ECHOLUTION (12 sec of delay looping)

hey all-last friday i got my pigtronix echolution. i got it used after getting rid of some stuff that i thought i wanted (a painful month of trying out stuff)
anyway, i figure i spend a fair amt of time saying what i hate about stuff, and slagging the loopers that didn't work for me, so it's positive time:


i have of course heard about these for a while, knew it had 12 sec of delay and all, but it was way out of my budget range.

but after selling stuff and having a bit of $$$-i got one, it's the most i've ever spent on a pedal.

and man-IT IS GREAT!

12 sec of delay-based loops.
pitchshifting and time stretching (think of what you've seen the pds8000 could do--it's not exactly like that-but man, it's close for me).(it also reminds me a bit of
my EH 16 DDL-better interface for me though.....although not as much time delay option-but i never went very long on the 16 ddl-i don't think i ever went to 16 sec!)

it honestly reminds me of my old dod d12 (12 sec delay rack unit)--which of course reminded me of a budget lexicon pcm 42 (the 19 sec of delay looping that
david torn uses & abuses so well).

the knobs are SO STURDY. it has a million switches for adding different taps to the delays, and reverse, etc etc.

for the 12 sec of looping that i like to use, it is amazing.
it also has chorus and tremolo options to add-sort of like adding a modulation to the delays-in those modes-you can certainly get some spacey delays-ambient heaven.

and it has a switch for "loop". so you can have a gentle delay loop degrading and hit that and it will lock that in and you can play over it.
i honestly don't think i've done as much looping as i have in the last 4 days as i have w/ it. need to record stuff....

i tried to go through all the functions of it w/ the manual, man it could take a lifetime, there are so many switches....but i will say the thing i love is the
12 sec of delay loops....and i can record a 2 or 3 sec short loop, turn the delay time knob to slow it down...and MAN-instant stretched out looped/texture madness...
honestly -it's better than what my old dod d12 could do....

i just love it..i know some people will probably say "12 sec? that's all?" but for me that's all i need, and w/ the ability to stretch and pitch shift, it's all i want...love it.

the other side affect to it: it uses a 15 volt power supply, so w/ my tele i detect a boost of signal, which honestly I ALSO LOVE. haven't tried my HB guitar w/ it yet. & w/ the Florescent light in my studio, i get some hum, but honestly--i don't care....

some may ask: does it have MIDI- answer: i honestly don't know, don't care. i do know that it has an input for a passive volume to manipulate the delay time-similar to
what DT could do w/ his pcm 42. i haven't used it though, i just do it by hand w/ the knobs. love the knobs & switches.
i can honestly say that after, what 4 yrs of searching i found the tool that i love and can use.....
over and out....
and now back to your software looping discussion...which is another realm well out of my knowledge base.....(ha)......