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Re: Zoom G2Nu, G2.1Nu MIDI control

ah yes, please ... put them up. i was thinking to get one of those puppies for a compact combo with the laptop (bidule) and after your message, i'm more than convinced that the zoom is the route for me now. does the additional control input(s) send cc over usb midi or only patch changes? 

2011/4/9 Jacob Lister <jacob.h.lister@gmail.com>
Hi guys,

I recently bought a G2.1Nu to replace my RPx400 guitar processor on my looping setup, killer feature of this product is that it will power from USB, making for a compact setup using a laptop as a looper. 
Also important is that it implements a MIDI interface over USB, only standard message it responds to out of the box are patch changes, important for my application.
I really wanted to get at the finer control settings and get messages send back when the buttons were pressed on the device for hands free control, so I snooped the USB bus when the provided configuration software was running.  After some teeth pulling I have been able to establish the control message format (it's all implemented via SysEx).  I have some notes on the protocol, anybody here interested in me putting them up?


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