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Re: our war on nature,when will it stop... (O.T.)

Scott man that's dark, wild and intense but also estetically and philosophically wonderful.  So much in our universe, world, unexplained unknown, something out there has us by the tail and the final card and hopefully likes us.


On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 10:55 PM, Scott Hansen <evanpeewee@gmail.com> wrote:
funny, a few days ago i was talking to my 10 yr old son about dinosaurs, the past and future....
i will say that once man is gone, i'm sure the planet will right itself and be ok. i'm honestly not sure if we're doing
anything good for the planet, and we've been here just a blip in time in the grand scheme of things...
the other thing is i think we are at the 1/2 life our of sun, it has another 5 billion yrs i think and then will become a small
red giant that will encompass everything past our planet's orbit, so in the scheme of the universe, we're toast in 5 billion yrs anyway.
i doubt we'll be around for that as a species anyway....i think the dinosaurs had a good 250+million yr run, we've barely had a millions yrs &
it's not looking good for us, i think....
oh well....
time for some happy thoughts......

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