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Re: OT: Moog lap steel

Yeah I second that... Jeez they filmed you for an ad Bill, they need
to a pay you... Truly wonderful as usual . Ive mentioned on this list
how I intend one day to own a Moog guitar, might have to put the wife
on the street now...

On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 5:10 AM, Art Simon <simart@gmail.com> wrote:
> Bill, if they didn't give you one, let me know. I'll start a letter 
> campaign. There would be no better way to showcase the modern lapsteel
> guitar.
> On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 8:05 PM, richard sales <richard@glasswing.com>
> wrote:
>> Well Bill...
>> I'm sure they'd have given you one if they hadn't seen you banging on it
>> towards the end !!! :)
>> Nice stuff.  Really good!  They SHOULD give you one.
>> R
>> richard sales
>> www.glasswing.com
>> www.richardsales.com
>> www.hayleysales.com
>> On Apr 13, 2011, at 2:29 PM, William Walker wrote:
>> When I was in at NAMM in January  I was introduced to the A and R guy 
>> Moog who gave me a brief introduction to the new moog lap steel.  By
>> coincidence I was due to be in Asheville NC,where Moog is based, for a 
>>   in March with my wife Nancy  to care for her 86 year old mother while
>> Nancy's sister was away, and I was invited to the factory to further 
>> out the new lap steel and shoot some video of it. I was accompanied by 
>> new good friend and LD member Andy Owens, and we had a blast , visiting 
>> factory and meeting nearly everyone who worked there:-)and I had about 
>> hour to check out the the instrument which they edited down in to this
>> video. It is really another experience altogether the way this 
>> handles the infinite sustain thing, having owned an ebow forever and 
>> various sustainer devices. This seems capable of the same kind of 
>>  but also  more control and subtlety as well. The most interesting 
>thing for
>> me was being able to sweep from one chord position to another without 
>> to generate sustain by creating a physically driven vibrato by shaking 
>> bar, or even striking the strings with my fingers. I might get some 
>> from Randy Jackson for being pitchy in places but I went in a sceptic 
>> left wondering how I could get the money together to buy one. amazing.
>>  Enjoy
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HSmHE0OIrI
>> Bill
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> Art Simon
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