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Re: EDP and Octatrack? How to post-process loops?

marcus kirby wrote:
> *Andy*: I'm having trouble figuring out how exactly to route everything.
> I currently run:
> Guitar ->
>        Effects-> Aux
>        Main out -> Rane Mixer
>                EDP -> Aux
> My effects are in the AUX of the mackie, spit the outs to the rane, 
> which has the EDP in its AUX. Essentially, run the effects in parallel 
> on my mackie, then run the edp in parallel on my rane.
> When I try to run the EDP back into the mackie, all of the samples start 
> getting really muddy,

'cos everything's in parallel?

> and the stereo -> mono -> stereo doesn't sound good.

well, with the edp the only way to escape it monoising is
to use another EDP in stereo config.

> I can't figure out a good way of getting the EDP to run parallel of my 
> effects. I need to feed aux1 to aux 2, but that isn't possible.

well lets just use one mixer,
you could run a Y-cable from an Aux to go to both
fx and EDP.
Then the EDP comes back on a mixer channel an gets sent
to that same Aux...but not to the main bus.
You'll  be hearing the EDP thru the fx.

Also, send the guitar into a channel, and then
route to the Aux, and not to the main.

The fx should also come into the mixer on a return,
and be routed to the 

Now what happens is that you can use the EDP Timecopy
function to turn the existing unaffected sample on the EDP
into an effected one. Loop1 will keep your dry audio,
and loop2 will be created with the fx applied.

As soon as that resample is over, you'll want to deal
with the fact that the EDP loop2  running through
the FX, either by re-routing, or changing the fx program.

I hope this helps, 
...I'm assuming you *don't* want to hear all those
different tracks at once....that's going to give the muddiness
you wanna avoid.

What you'll get if you use this method is successive edp
loops which you can switch between (or overwrite).

You'll essentially lose the option to overdub on the edp
unless you reroute to avoid the feedback loop.

If this appeals, I can explain the TimeCopy thing fully.


> Here's an example of what I want to do:
> Send reverse reverb into EDP ->
> Spit EDP into Octatrack
>          ->add some bit crushing (track a)
>          ->send track a to track b, add a filter
>          ->send track b (filtered/crushed) to track c (add delay)