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Tuning ethnic instrument

Directed mainly at Rick, but anyone else wanna chip in..

Ive been tuning my Saz (Baglama,) its been a while and I cant remember
the tuning. Its a 23 fret Baglama, and as such my book says G D A..
however I cant pull the strings to that tension... either the strings
will break, the tuning pegs or my fingers...!!! I have an alternative
tuning hear, that is supposed to be for a 19 fret Saz,  A G D.

Now heres my question... one string tunes fine to any pitch, smoothly
and easilly, Now is that just cos that string is lighter... or is it
because the peg hole is somehow smoother.. is there a trick with..
Oh.. I dont know... rubbing oil / wax / Linseed oil / Semen?? On the

Any tricks from the teepee?

Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe