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RE: OT: Upright Bass Pickup?

the epic struggle for a nice sounding, inexpensive bass p-up that's good for bowing & pizz that's loud, yet won't succomb to feedback or bleed through continues!! just wanted to throw in my 2 cents-just to get back to Rick's quez-an affordable decent sounding p-up is the old reliable(though a bit soft & dark)'Underwood',also if your student want to slap & is not bowing at all &wants to be able to hang in loud situatons they may want to check out some magnetic p-ups-not sure of any brands off hand (the String Charger?) but there's lots of different magnetic ones out there-they do suck for bowing(at least that's what I've heard)but I would prob throw my vote to the full circle or realist or even the k&k-but getting back to the epic tone quest...just wanted to share w/you bassers on here that I am in the middle of getting an on board system put in one of my uprights (a 1/2 size howard core w/detachable neck)-Rick Turner & The Bass Doctor(aka Matt Bohn) are doing for me & it's all so I can get a good sound for looping-like you guys were saying: when you playing along w/ the p-up a lot of p-ups are nice but the second you hit the looper for play back the lame scratchyness begins! (more for bowing that is) it's a Turner custom p-up which is 4 piezo elements embedded in the bridge by each string &a realist-then a Turner blender circuit/preamp w/tone, vol,lo-cut &blend knobs-may try to include a mic w/the 2 p-ups too-curious about this 4099 now! seems like at  least 2 sonic reference points are key-will keep u posted:)

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Subject: RE: OT: Upright Bass Pickup?
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I'm studying w/ Glen Moore --I can ask what he uses, but I doubt it's "affordable"
I know his NS has two different P/Us; not sure about his Klotz. I'll ask on Sat.
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> To: robhyodo@gmail.com; Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: OT: Upright Bass Pickup?
> Hi Loopers,
> Does anyone have a quick answer for this question from a student of mine?
> Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I don't have the faintest clue,
> though I wish I owned
> an upright so I could know the answer. I do own a crappy Guitarron
> but I don't think that
> counts, lol.
> thanks, Rick Walker
> >
> > Been meaning to ask you if you know of any relatively affordable
> > upright bass pickups I can put on my bass. I guess I'd want something
> > that can get that "snappy" fingerboard-slap sound. :) If you know of
> > any or can point me to some resources on that, that'd be great!
> >
> >