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Re: portable PA for electronic looper

I use a Roland AC-60 portable PA for all kinds of gigs.  Works well for 
playing "acoustic" and/or electric guitar in a band setting, too.

On Apr 25, 2011, at 9:20 AM, Michael Peters wrote:

> just wondering what you use if you want to play in a club or gallery 
> doesn't have a PA and you have to bring your own, and you don't want to 
> guitar combos but something clean - the stuff that I do does come from 
> guitar but goes through laptop and plugins and has more the spectrum of
> keyboard music, with possibly lots of dynamics and bass. A friend uses a
> pair of Rokit studio monitors for his ambient music but another friend 
> these are not suitable for more dynamic music, and I should get a small 
> instead. No idea what kind of product would be suitable but it should be
> lightweight, small, and not terribly expensive. Ideas anyone?
> -Michael

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