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Re: Electro Harmonix Freeze - a month later

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Matt Davignon wrote:
> I find it's also a great tool for adding
> brief little accents and live character to sounds that are more
> dynamic. It would be a great effect to have after a looper, for
> example.
Mine's on order at Union Grove Music and I can't wait to get it in.

In the meantime,  I just updated my firmware on my M9 to 2.2 and there 
are a whole
bunch of very hip effects included in the new patches.   I particularly 
love this one effect
called Barber Pole Phaser in conjunction with their equivalent of the 
'Slow Gear'  sound.

I've got four strings on my Purple Strat (dayglo orange, of course) 
forcing it into a
Tenor Guitar situation........I'm using my new harmonic capo a lot and 
having a great time.

That Freeze pedal is going to be epic.