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Re: Eh 2880 - midi sync and sound fidelity

Good to know. A stable midi sync, no drift, is absolutely necessary for what I do.

On Apr 26, 2011 8:08 AM, "Charles Zwicky" <cazwicky@earthlink.net> wrote:
> I 've layered thousands of passes on my 2880 with no fidelity issues
> whatsoever. I'd say it's excellent.
> I've only used the MIDI synch a few times but I recall that it worked
> very well in both as master clock and when slaved to an external
> clock.
>>I've been looking at the 2880 for awhile, but haven't been able to
>>find info about the tightness of midi sync when slaved to a drum
>>machine. Anyone slave sync theirs? How is the tightness, and do midi
>>parameter controls via ableton work well?
>>Also, how is the sound quality. I like that the edp has decent sound
>>quality, and want to maintain fidelity.
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