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well, as a guitarist i've always loved feedback sounds....i have read all the theory's approaches that everyone has:
my examples-i was just listening to THE JIMI HENDRIX CONCERTS album that i have ON CASSETTE...a live compilation
that is no longer in print...the song "i don't live today"-WHOOOOOAAAAAa man i love that live version. after the solo he
does a little feedback interlude where the sounds come from nowhere & says the words "existing, nothing but existing"...
and of course the last song on side 1 is a live version of "Are you experienced" which is all feedback.

i think hendrix key is the single coil pu's, use of fuzz and of course the power of his amps (loud!)

i have seen the debates on guitar forums of marshall plexis-some say they are high gain, some say they are not (seems they
are more loud & clean), which if you compare to the rise of distortion and heavy metal, when i listen to hendrix he really sounds
clean and the articulation of notes is much clearer....

now compare this to the EVH solo on the "right here right now live dvd" from '93-there is a pt he turns to the amps to try to get feedback
and boy it looks like he's having a hard time w/ the humbuckers in his then Ernie Ball music man guitar (always loved that guitar!)

for my own experiments, w/ my small studio and effects setup (fender keyboard 60 amp), i've found the single coils give me better feedback
and i did have an old guitar that had an epiphone humbucker in it, and it was very microphonic, i could get feedback from that! i it sounded
good, i should have kept it!!!!
but i will say that the overwound humbuckers i have in my ibanez/bc rich project guitar--i can't get any clean sounds, it's all distorted w/ it,
but it won't feedback AT ALL. and the same w/ when i had a red lace sensor pu in an old project-no feedback w/ that either.

of course the other GREAT TRICK is the feedback mic that was in my old main guitar project that unfortunately died on me in march.
so now i'm trying to get my new project done so i can get the feedback mic up & running in a guitar again! miss that.
it is based on the idea i got from the Teuffel Tesla guitar....most cool.....great idea, flip the switch, instant feedback w/ any amt of gain,
if you run clean, it can sound sort of quasi-piezo/acoustic like at times.....
oh well....
happy feedback....